Yury Chudnovsky was born in the former USSR. He developed a passion for painting and drawing early in his childhood. When he was eleven he began his formal fine art education under the guidance of Yury Kratyuk, a teacher with vast comprehensive skills in realistic painting and sculpture. It was through Kratyuk's meticulous courses of drawing, painting and formal composition, that Yury acquired his habit of hard conscious work. This drove him through Lugansk Art School where he completed its four year program in two years and graduated at the top of his class.


Yury continued his education at Lugansk College of Arts, where he majored in Pedagogy of Fine Art and Drafting and graduated with the "Red Diploma", a prestigious award given to students achieving excellence in all subjects. Throughout his education Yury had various teachers, each with their own unique perspectives. His teachers are Nikolai Peschansky (Kiev School) - painting, drawing and composition, Nikolai Romanovsky (St.Petersburg School) - figure drawing, Alexander Kodenko (Kiev School) - artist's anatomy, Alexander Pokladov (Moscow University), Lidia Rubchenko (Ekatherinburg) - theory and history of art. This gave him a multidimensional and broad comprehension of art. Upon graduating, Yury taught fine art and drafting at middle and high schools.


Upon return from the army, Yury continued his education by taking courses of drawing and painting at St.Petersburg Academy of Applied and Decorative Arts (Monumental Painting) He then studied at the St.Petersburg State Pedagogical University. All the while, he was successfuly selling his paintings at various galleries of St.Petersburg, including prestigious Art Salon on Nevsky. He also was employed by company Russian Commercial Advertisement as a graphic designer.


  In 1993, Yury and his family immigrated to the United Stated. Yury worked with a team of experienced scenic and mural painters. He took classes on animation background painting and mastered computer graphic design. This comprehensive education and knowledge of modern technology gave Yury the ability to work in a broad variety of styles and techniques with the highest quality and low prices.


  In 1996, Yury Chudnovsky started his own business of murals and decorative art in Los Angeles. He has since done paintings and murals for Las Vegas hotels and casinos such as the Caesar Palace, Aladdin, Flamingo Hilton, Las Vegas Hilton, Harrah's, Mandalay Bay and Boardwalk. He painted murals for Uiniversal Studios Theme Park, Studio City Walk, the Tobu Hotel in Tokyo, and a series of paintings for Princess Cruises. You can find his paintings in private and corporate collections in USA, Russia, Ukraine, Japan and Mexico.


From 2010 to present Yury is helping to design man's watches and other products for Jeff Hamilton Jackets, Von Leuchtenberg and Bijan.


  For the past years Yury has been working with luxury home developers and prominent interior designers, creating fine art and painting murals for homes in USA and abroad.